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KIM sleeves

KIM sleeves

Sleeves compatible with the following customizable models:

  • JIA
  • HANA
  • other models are coming


Want to personalize your model? The sleeves allow you to completely change the look of your garment.


KIM sleeves are wide, flared and comfortable. They stop halfway for more elegance and " chic ".


You can choose the same fabric as your main garment or let your creativity run wild and try an effect " color block »By contrasting colors or even making an interesting play of materials.


Share your creation with the hashtag: #macreationkiromohe


  • What does this pack contain?

    • online pattern PDF to print
    • from 34 to 44
    • real size printable pattern sheets with choice of format: A4 / US letter
    • seam allowances already included
    • selectable size (s) on the boards
    • how to use: before you start
    • instruction booklet to assist you as well as possible during the realization of your work with in particular the various stages of assembly
  • Supplies

    • 50 cm of fabric
  • Customization

    A video tutorial is available if you want to create:

    - cutouts on the KIM sleeve

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